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Patio Brothers Stamped & Stained Concrete Services, Concrete Contractors in Tulsa

Concrete Services

We're Oklahoma's most trusted concrete contractor! Decorative concrete flooring, stamped concrete, epoxy flooring, for patios, driveways, slabs & more!

Concrete Contractor Services Installing Driveways, Patios, Pole Barns & More!

Patio Brothers installs custom decorative concrete such as concrete staining in all of NE Oklahoma including Tulsa, Jenks, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Bixby, Skiatook, Bartlesville, Wagoner, Muskogee and Claremore.

Patio Brothers Stamped & Stained Concrete Services, Concrete Contractors in Tulsa

We offer  stained concrete flooring, polished concrete flooring, stamped concrete, metallic epoxy flooring, concrete grinding, concrete polishing and restoration, concrete counter tops, industrial coatings, etc.


We offer an abundance of choices for interior flooring applications!


Decorative concrete floors can take on the appearance of marble, cobblestone and even wood. Acid stained concrete counter tops are durable and virtually maintenance free and when cast-in-place add elegance to custom homes and commercial projects. 


Patio BROTHERS EXCEEDS CODE FOR all pads and driveways. All pads, sidewalks and driveways are ENGINEERED.

OUR PROCESS is to assess the area and perform any dirt work necessary to establish the intended grade. We build a temporary form around parameters to be poured. Install gravel base, Install rebar, then we pour our concrete at 3600 PSI.

Our driveways are poured 8″ on the approach , curbs are wing cut. Any existing drainage that may affect the pad, will be diverted to the curb or a popup system. We use modified materials and or saw cutting to relieve stress.

Most contractors pour concrete 4″ on the dirt with no rebar, gravel and possibly no concern to PSI. They will also use wood as expansion joints, not accounting for the function of the new slab.That is why you see concrete tend to belly, Spauld or crack.



Patio Brothers can provide you with the luxurious look of stone, brick, wood ,and many other textures by using a double color and stamp process.

We stamp most concrete with two colors: a base color that is mixed directly into the truck and an accent color that is also a release for the stamps.

We use pressure on the stamps to engrave a custom design that also causes the color from the release to merge with the slab, creating a SUPER STRONG AND LONG LASTING custom look of your choice.

Patio Brothers Stamped & Stained Concrete Services, Concrete Contractors in Tulsa

Colored or Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Colored or acid stained concrete floors will not weather or fade over time. The floors keep their appearance and will not need to be re-stained or re-colored to keep the color from fading if properly maintained. 


Acid stained concrete floors are the most popular interior applications for decorative concrete. Because of stamped concrete, epoxy flooring, polished concrete floors, concrete overlays, dye stain, etc., you can request floors that have a tiled or cut stone look or that give the appearance of limestone, slate, flagstone, marble, granite or even wood. 

A concrete floor can be stamped with a rubber imprinting tool that contains specific designs to create patterns in the floor, or a contractor can embed items in the floor to add texture.